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Whatever the reason or event, this is the only program you will ever need. Be smarter and more effective with your health and fitness.

Learn new techniques on how to lose weight, gain muscle, get ready for a special day/event and incorporate healthy living into your existing lifestyle.

SMART Movement

Designed for your fitness levels, by using a combination of Circuit/HIIT based routines that can be done at home, in a gym and or outdoors.

The Fundamentals

Including both nutrition and mindset coaching into this premium program ensures you get the body of your dreams and keep it for life.

Pay upfront and forget about the financials, get guaranteed results with this premium plan.

Premium Program

Start your week to week journey with video content and;

  • Lose anywhere between 5-10kgs
  • Drop 1-2 clothing sizes
  • Tone up your overall body
  • Lose anywhere between 3-10% body fat
  • Improve stamina and fitness by 10-25%
  • 24×7 secure access to resources
  • Turn heads in NO TIME!

Are You Ready?

Not quite sold? Get a 1-month trial, as well as an initial clarity coaching session to kick start your health and fitness journey.

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Dan’ers Say

Dan really got me into comfortable skin, at first I was a skeptic as it sounded to good to be true but within “35 days” I definitely loved what was in the mirror. I would defs work with Dan in the future.

RoseBikini Competitor

1TeamHealth was so helpful during my transformation, they helped get me through the toughest times but I can seriously say without them I wouldn’t have the results I do today.

CaitlinHealth Addict

Being a stay home mum is quite time consuming and you find yourself quickly spiraling out of control. 1TeamHealth and Dan helped me find the better me, I always knew she was inside I just had to find her. Thanks Dan for your amazing advice and pair of ears at all hours of the morning.

AshMumma Squad

I have been training for a couple of years now and have always had trouble sticking to a diet. With some help and guidance from 1 Team Health, I have been able to be more flexible with my diet, enjoying the foods I used to love while still gaining muscle and losing fat. Most importantly, because 1 Team Health took into consideration the foods that I like, I have been able to maintain this diet! I also love the lifestyle approach of 1 Team Health rather than it just being about strict dieting and hardcore training methods!

Jeff NaltyEXTRAordinary Lifter

1Team health have really got me motivated to focus on my health. They are absolute guns at not giving you a cookie cutter approach at your nutrition but really putting together a program that drives results. I would highly recommend 1Team to anyone that is serious about seeing results.

Rakz MathurFounder and Chief Executive Officer at Signacion

1Team Health is truly more than just a team or a fitness program. It’s a positive way of life that you can easily adopt to achieve the goal of personal development. It’ll help to kick start the journey to a healthier, fitter, faster and stronger you. Dan is one of the most positive and meticulous coaches you’ll engage with! He will drive you to result heaven with a great nutrition plan, exercise regime and next-level motivation, all tailored to your current daily needs. From exciting home workouts to muscle tearing gym sessions and everything in between, 1Team Health is your one-stop shop for new lifestyle!

Byron DickensIT Project & Consultancy Specialist at Koncept.IT

You won’t find a more motivated coach and trainer than Dan. Whether it’s the perfect customised eating plan for you or a training program…he’s got you covered. Best of all he’s done it himself so totally gets ‘the struggle’ with dedication, a smile and a twinkle in his eye. One in a million!

Mel Kastner LevySmile Specialist

I was looking for a coach who was knowledgeable and took the time to understand my needs and to truly motivate me. A coach who made working out fun and enjoyable and was as passionate about seeing my personal goals achieved as I am. I can honestly say that 1Team Health helped me achieve my goals through the dedication and detail put into my personalised program. 1Team Health has become a sustainable lifestyle for me and you too shouldn’t look anywhere else!

Anne-Maria LouiseRegular 1TeamHealth’er

I know what I achieved wasn’t easy, not trying would’ve been harder – Daniel Trajkovski

Daniel TrajkovskiFounder and CEO of 1TeamHealth

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