Daniel Trajkovski

My weight gain was due to an inactive lifestyle that had me carrying a 175-kilo frame.
I played computer games and wasn’t physically active. Growing up into the world of IT and being bound to a keyboard and mouse didn’t help either, I knew something had to change..

When did it change?
There was a shirt I wanted to buy but the largest size it came in was a 4XL, which didn’t fit. Unfortunately, this outfit didn’t come in a 6-7XL like I was used to. I was never in a position where clothes ‘didn’t fit’, at that moment I knew I had to do something about it.

In summary a massive Dansformation that went from 175 kilo human frame to a solid 82 kilos with single digit body fat, simply by using the tips and tricks that I still use and preach today!

I did it because you said I couldn’t – Daniel Trajkovski

My philosophy

In order to be a successful coach I embrace the following principles;

  • Be truthful to myself and give 100% commitment
  • It’s not a diet It’s a lifestyle
  • Be a leader and guide others
  • Work towards the mission
  • Empower others to believe in themselves

Let’s be accountable together, succeed together and down some Dan cakes and shakes along the way.

Failure is when the mind gives up not the body – Daniel Trajkovski

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