Daniel Trajkovski

I’m Dan, a normal guy that’s got quite a story. I live an average life spending most of my time out and about socialising.
I went from 175 kilos down to 82 kilos through diet and exercise, in only a couple of years.
Being able to connect with my clients on an emotional level is extremely important to me. By sharing my personal journey with them, it helps inspire others to not only reach their health and fitness goals, but to form a community and together tackle obesity!
I help my clients by providing them with tailored lifestyle and fitness plans specific to their goals. I hold all my clients accountable and ensure they stick to the plan.

In summary I provide people Dansformation’s through health and fitness.

I did it because you said I couldn’t – Daniel Trajkovski

My philosophy

In order to be a successful coach I embrace the following principles;

  • Be truthful to myself and give 100% commitment
  • It’s not a diet It’s a lifestyle
  • Be a leader and guide others
  • Work towards the mission
  • Empower others to believe in themselves

Let’s be accountable together, succeed together and down some Dan cakes and shakes along the way.

Failure is when the mind gives up not the body – Daniel Trajkovski

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