Physical Health

A customised exercise program is a great way to stay fit and will bring a wide range of physical and mental benefits. Start slowly, build up gradually and monitor your progress.


Challenge your cardio or simply stroll through the programs. A mixture of compound resistance training and cardio bursts will be sure to get your pulse racing!

Home Workouts

These home workouts will be sure to keep you on track. Using limited equipment, these workouts can be done in a metre squared.

Gym Workouts

Whether you are looking to tone up ready for an event or looking to drop a dress size or two, these workouts will be sure to turn up the heat on that unwanted body fat.


Challenge your cardio with these ‘not for the faint hearted’ programs. We have added a version or two (or three) for each level of experience which is tailor made to fit your client.

Living the dream…

Exercise has been shown to improve your mood and decrease feelings of depression, anxiety and stress.

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