What can we do for you

Nutrition Services

Provides professional nutrition services aimed to helping you take control of your eating habits. Following Australian “Eat for Health” Guidelines and staying within scope of practice.

Weight Loss

No matter what your weight loss goal is, we will help you transform your body by coaching you through your own customised program.


Accountability is the key to achieving any goal you set. We hold you accountable every step of the way. This enables a dramatic increase in overall performance.

Body Toning

Reducing overall body fat allows the muscles to surface therefore showing an overall toned physique.

Lifestyle Assessments

It shouldn’t be all work and no play. We truly believe having a balanced lifestyle enables you to achieve and maintain the body of your dreams.


Challenge your fitness with either high or low intensity workouts which have a mixture of compound resistance and cardio bursts.


Your not in this alone, were a family and were here to support, inspire and motivate each other, every step of the way.

The team are here 24×7 to answer any questions you have, you should never feel alone were in this together and here to help.

You should know…

We will help you understand the importance of feeling good about who you are and your lifestyle, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the things you love to make a dream come true.

Accelerate your success and smile in the mirror.


Here at 1TeamHealth we have a ZERO-TOLERANCE for bullying or negative attitudes!

Anything is possible and nothing is out of reach, we want to make the world a Fitter, Faster, Stronger and SMILEY-ER place…

Your lifestyle should be a road map to your dreams – Daniel Trajkovski

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